• Jason Donnelly aka DJ Puzzle, Soundtrack Loops Co-Founder – Music Production Podcast 302

    Brian Funk invited Jason Donnelly, aka DJ Puzzle, who is a musician and sound designer, as well as co-founder of Soundtrack Loops onto his popular podcast to discuss past and future creatives both for his company Soundtrack Loops and the entire music industry. During their exchange we learn of Soundtrack Loops who provides producers with royalty-free samples and loops. Jason and Soundtrack Loops create sounds for many of the industry’s biggest companies including Acid, Roland, Antares, and more. In January 2023, Jason and Soundtrack Loops co-founder Matt Yost are launching their first plug-in, Double Scoop, under the brand Array Sounds. Jason’s music has been placed in many films, television shows, and video games.

    Jason and Brian had a great conversation about his background and work. We discussed how it’s important to maintain a future-focused mindset to prepare for unexpected technological developments. Jason shared many valuable insights from his years working in a variety of branches of the music industry.

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