Threatened Productions

Threatened Productions

Hari Ganglberger and Alex Theoret started collaborating as a producer-duo after having worked together on several recording sessions. Both have many years of professional experience and are fiercely dedicated to accurately capturing musical events in the studio. The focus is on technical brilliance of sound while maintaining a lively human feel of the performance.

  • Hari Ganglberger - Soundtrack Loops Producer
    Drummer Hari Ganglberger recorded and worked with inspiring artists such as Robben Ford, Bill Laswell, Admas, GIGI, Jeff McErlain, Alex Machacek, diNMachine, Kap10Kurt, George Garzone, Mino Cinelu, Ellen Greene, Nellie McKay, Orchestra of United Theaters Vienna and the house band of the Vienna based “Sunshine” record label among others.

    The Austrian born and now Brooklyn based musician began performing with various groups at age 15. He went on to study classical percussion for 2 years, followed by a stint as drummer in the military music corps in Austria. From there he proceeded to study drums at the prestigious Jazz Conservatory Vienna from which he graduated in 92. Following this Hari worked as sidemen and session drummer for numerous artists in a wide variety of styles. In 2000 he relocated to New York City to expand his musical scope.
    Teaching experience includes Schubert Conservatory Vienna, National Guitar Workshop and Robben Ford Traveling Guitar Dojo at Music Masters Camps.

    Over the years Hari was lucky to work as drummer with an array of producers at countless recording studios, thereby gaining experience and perspective in sound production.

  • Alex Theoret Soundtrack Loops Producer
    Like many in today’s music industry, Brooklyn based music producer/ engineer Alex Theoret’s love of music and electronics has lead him down parallel professional avenues as mastering engineer, mix engineer, touring FOH mix engineer, musician and producer. He started his career as an intern at Quad Studios (NYC) in 1996, and returned later on for grooming as assistant to mix marvel Michael Brauer. In tandem Alex took to mastering under the mentorship of Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone. Fast forward almost two decades and he has mixed and mastered for countless labels, amazing artists and inspiring colleagues.

    From a production standpoint Alex has enjoyed the unique opportunity of picking up first hand drum recording and mixing technique working with Eddie Kramer and unique mix technique and perspectives working with Michael Brauer. Today Alex masters music at Turtletone Studio (NYC), while freelance mixing and producing select projects. A musical thrill-seeker at heart you might find Alex mixing FOH for special performances at Lincoln Center or singing and playing rock guitar in some of the few remaining unsavory parts of NYC.

    Accolades include: 2 x Latin Grammy Nominations (mixing and mastering), multiple platinum records (mixing & mastering), many gold records (mixing and mastering), many Billboard awards, endorsed for AES by the great Eddie Kramer.

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