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  • How to - DJ Booth IKEA Hack

    How to – IKEA DJ Booth

    IKEA DJ BOOTH IKEA isn’t just for record storage anymore. Soundtrack Loops’ very own DJ Puzzle shares a video tutorial for DJs who want to do more with their IKEA shelves. Choose Do-It-Yourself to channel your inner productivity with this musician-approved design that organizes records, hardware, cables, and more. For about $200 in materials, Jason […]

  • How to Download Zip Files to Your iOS Device

    How to Download Zip Files to Your iOS Device

    How to Download Zip Files to Your iOS Device Every once in a while we get customers who only own an iPad or an iPhone and have no idea how to get our sounds onto their device. Well look no further! We created a NEW! easier tutorial on how to download our products directly to […]

  • How to import loops into Looptastic

    How To Import Loops Into Looptastic Pro. Looptastic Pro HD is one of the top selling Apps on iTunes. Not only does Looptastic include over 1000 individual loops (courtesy of our good friend and producer, DJ Puzzle), It can import single loops or up to 10 at a time via WiFi. Looptastic Pro’s ease of […]


    How To Install Loops Into Garageband. I felt this really necessary to do. It’s one of the most asked questions so I figured I would just make a quick tutorial on how to install Loops into Garageband. First locate the little Eye Icon as shown below to open your Garageband loop browser. Now Click the […]