Humble Bundle Double Scoop Voucher Details

Use your Humble Bundle voucher to redeem Double Scoop plus $25 worth in products during check out. Load your cart up with any single sample pack or preset pack and Double Scoop will instantly be added to your cart when you check out. Your voucher will give you $25 in store credit PLUS a Double Scoop plug-in serial code. The price of Double Scoop does not come out of your $25 voucher it is a bonus add on in addition to the $25 store credit. You don’t have to use your whole $25 voucher at once. You can save your balance for later. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our support form if you have any questions.

What do I get at Soundtrack Loops?

Soundtrack Loops provide royalty free music loops and samples for creative artists, beat makers, producers, musician, DJs and music lovers in general.

We offer state-of-the-art, high definition, and up-to-date sounds for use within your original music productions.

All our Soundtrack Loops sounds come in a variety of genres, types, styles and formats, and you can choose your desired format before downloading via our ultra-fast, reliable and secure servers.

  • Over 80,000+ professionally formatted sound loops and samples
  • 100% royalty free sounds, ready to use in your music
  • All files pre-formatted for your favorite software
  • Unique catalogue, easy to navigate via Genre, Producer, Style or Format
  • Secure Payments via PayPal
  • All products instantly ready for high-speed download
  • Super fast and friendly Customer Service
  • Free Tutorials, Tips, Tricks & Competitions
  • Much, much more…

Check through our huge product catalog now, listen to the demo songs and see what we have to offer!

My hard drive crashed can I re-download my purchase?

YES. You can always re-download your purchases. Just make sure you created an account so we can go in and reactivate them for you. If you want to access old purchases and your links expired just simply reach out to us so we can reactivate them for you.

Did my purchases get removed?

Your purchases are set to expire after 10 days to protect us from password sharing and piracy. Never fear though you will always have access to download your purchases. Just reach out to us via our contact form so we can locate your account and extend the links for as long as you need. You can always do this every time you need to re-download.

Who is the team behind Soundtrack Loops?

We are an extremely passionate select team of musicians, DJ’s, engineers and sound designers, who first and foremost, absolutely love music! We take pride in providing original, professional and unique sounds that are exclusive to Soundtrack Loops, which you can then use for your own music productions. Co-founded by Matthew Yost and Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle)

Our aim is to provide modern, crystal clear sounds for the creative producer, utilizing state of the art, boutique and unique professional studio equipment, and years of experience, to present outstanding quality sound suites for total inspiration.

If you have any questions make sure to contact us. We are just like you, passionate artists and musicians dedicated to the craft.

How does the Soundtrack Loops website work?

You can browse all the products on our website via genre, producer, format. Right next to every product image you will find an audio player which will host the audio demo for the specific product. If you want to purchase the product just click add to cart and then click on “Buy”. The product you have selected will now be in your “Shopping Cart” which can be found at the top right  of this page. To purchase just click “Checkout” and select your preferred payment method next! Easy! BUT make an account so you can access your purchases in the future! Products are delivered as a download in a single zip file.

Can I use your loops in commercial projects and releases?

Yes! All our loops & samples are 100% royalty free, once you purchase one of our sound suites you have purchased your lifetime personal license to use those loops & samples in your productions and songs, whether for TV, film, advertising, record releases, albums or demo’s. Unlike with other providers, you don’t have to go through samples clearance when you release your music; you have your license already! You can sell these songs for profit at no extra cost to you, and keep 100% of your royalties.

Please note: Our sounds cannot be released in isolation, STEMs, or in a sample pack format. For more details visit our EULA page for the agreement.

Can I listen to demo sounds or download demo samples before I buy?

Yes. Every product page features a playable demo track in the pop up audio player at the bottom of the website.

How can I stay updated with all your latest releases, updates and offers?

There’s lots of ways you can keep updated & connect with the Soundtrack Loops team!

Join our Facebook community and keep updated with all the cool features, reviews, tutorials, industry news & free loops specials.

If you want all the info on our products, as well as cool features, reviews, tutorials, industry news & free loops specials in your inbox? Then subscribe to our newsletter

For all the tweeps out there! Follow us on Twitter for all the sneak peeks at upcoming releases, and not forgetting the crazy thoughts and updates from the Soundtrack Loops team.

Check out all our demos as they drop & keep up with all our latest releases on SoundCloud! You can also check out our releases and tutorial guides on our YouTube

What are Construction Kits?

Construction Kits: Are song kit ideas thatyou can use to arrange track and  create your own hit. Song kits are broken down into remixable parts such as vocal harmonies, drum beats, basslines, synth melodies and much, much more!

What are DJ STEMS?

STEMS: STEMs are a Native Instruments DJ format that allows the DJs to remix entire songs and up to four parts of that song to mix individual parts with any two STEM formats audio tracks. Download DJ Stems for EDM, POP, RnB, Hip Hop, Chillout, Trap and more. Click here.

Software Installation

How do I download Soundtrack Loops products?

It’s easy! Once you have made your payment you will be automatically returned to our secure download center where you can download your purchase immediately, you will also be sent your download link to your email just in case.

Help! I can’t find my download link

If you purchase via our website your download link will be emailed to you immediately. If you use Paypal during checkout the download link will then be emailed straight to your PayPal email address. It’s a good idea to create an account so you can access all your purchases in one location.

You may also need to check your spam/junk folders depending on your email service provider (Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail etc.). Any problems; let us know!

How do I access my Soundtrack Loops product once I've finished downloading?

All our sample packs come as compressed .zip files which means you can download your purchase faster, and more efficiently. Once a file is unzipped, the overall size of the expanded folder will be bigger than the initial file. Once unzipped, a 150mb file may be 200mb for example.

To “unzip” your files you will just need a free software program like WinZip (You can use the ‘evaluation’ version for free for as long as you want) or WinRar. In most cases however your computer will already have an “unzip” application preinstalled though.

How do I import the samples/loops into my software?

All of the formats we offer are designed to be easily imported into your software so you can start being creative straight away. All Soundtrack Loops downloads include a document on how to import your purchased format.

For more instructions & help with importing your samples/loops simply click on your software below.

TIP! Always make sure you have unzipped files before importing

Instructions for Logic EXS-24:

It’s easy to import EXS24 instruments! Simply drag your unzipped product in the following directory : ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/

Instructions for Reason NN-XT:

Instead of clicking the “folder” icon at the top of the NN-XT (used for loading patches), try using the one above the LFO Rate1 knob where it says load sample, simple! For more information about using samples/loops in Reason check out Reason Support

Instructions for FL Studio:

Check out the FL Studio Manual for information on how to import packs.

Instructions for Ableton Live:

Check out the Ableton Live Manual & Support Forum for more information on how to import packs.

Instructions for Garageband:

Simply drag the unzipped files into the Garageband loop browser and get creative. For more information check out Garageband Support.

Instructions for Stylus RMX:

Locate the ‘Spectrasonics’ folder found on your hardrive (this will usually be where you installed Stylus RMX) Open the Sage converter & Drag the diesired folder/s (containing the REX2 files) onto the purple box, the conversion should start immediately.

To use the rex loops in Stylus RMX open up an instance of RMX with your sequencer. Then, on the directory select ‘User Library’ and select the library you have just installed. Finished!

It’s that easy! Now you can use the entire REX2 library with Stylus RMX

Check out Stylus RMX Support for more information on importing loops.


How do I purchase Soundtrack Loops products?

Easy! Simply select the product you want to purchase, choose your format, click “buy”! Now you can choose to complete the payment process, or continue shopping for more products.

When you are ready, select the ‘Checkout’ button found in the shopping cart, and simply follow the online instructions. You can choose to pay securely through PayPal (You do not need a PayPal account to make payments.) Once the transaction is complete, you will be emailed a unique download link so you can start downloading your sound suite immediately

You can always drop us a line if there’s anything we can help with!

How does the checkout work?

To remove a product from your items simply click ‘Remove’.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be emailed a unique download link so you can start downloading your sound suite immediately.

Will my online payments be secure?

Yes. Security is of the utmost importance to us; your details will not be submitted to any third parties that are kept by us at any time. Payments are made securely on a one-off payment basis with a choice of WorldPay, or PayPal. We also have a dedicated team of customer service representatives that will be happy to help you, anytime if you have any questions.

Will I be re-billed?

No. Once you have purchased your sound suite you have made a one off payment, and you can now use the royalty free loops in your productions.

Coupons, Store Credit, Vouchers

All Coupons, Store Credit, and or Vouchers are subject to limitations and are excluded from use for merchandise such as “apparel” as well as “on-sale” items and “bundled” sample packs.

Verified Distributors

Purchased our sounds from somewhere else?

By purchasing directly from our site, or the certified vendors below, your licenses “is” verifiable and is supported here.

  • RolandCloud.com
  • Landr.com
  • WaveTick.com
  • Adsrsounds.com
  • AcidPlanet.com
  • MixCraft.com DAW
  • Soundware.io
  • Fanatical.com
  • HumbleBundle.com
  • LootAudio.com
  • BigFishAudio.com
  • 1010music.com
  • AudioKit.com

If you purchased from any others not listed, your license is “not” valid and you must purchase from us directly to monetize your creation used with our sounds. Any question, use our contact form to get in touch with us.

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    100% Royalty Free

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    Instant Downloads

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    Top Rated Audio Support