Welcome To The Soundtrack Loops Jazzy Chillout Producer Challenge. REMIX CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. This contest was sponsored by Scorpio Music Productions, basicLUX Records, and Peace Love Productions.

Przemyslaw Grzelak – Winner
Yumenomado – First Runner Up
Chris Traxx – Second Runner Up

The Prizes:
• First place wins placement on the New Sound Theory Vol 5 compilation, goodies from basicLUX Records, and a VIP producers vault from Peace Love Productions (access to over 30,000 loops and samples for 1 yr).

• Goodies from basicLUX Records, and a Soundtrack Loops VIP pass for 1yr.

• Goodies from basicLUX Records, and a $50 credit with Soundtrack Loops.

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basicLUX Records
Scorpio Music Productions
Peace Love Productions
Soundtrack Loops

Anyone affiliated with the sponsors, companies, and their relatives involved may not enter. The competition starts May 11th, 2012 and is open to the entire globe. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight US CST on June 30th, 2012. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. Registration is required to participate and to download content. Entrants must provide accurate contact information. A valid remix must contain some or all of the loops and midi files from Jazzy Chillout. Entrants may use the downloadable loops, stems, and samples provided by Scorpio Music and Soundtrack Loops for this contest only UNLESS a full version of our Jazzy Chillout loop pack has been purchased. You may also use these loops royalty free outside of the contest if you did purchase Jazzy Chillout full. Entrants are encouraged to create their own original music for this content but it must contain at least one instrument loop or midi file from the original. The use of unauthorized audio and/or music is prohibited by law. Winners will be chosen by basicLUX Records and Scorpio Music.

  1. I have a question…Is it OK to add vocals? If not, please let me know. Looking forward!! Thanks for the opportunity.



    • DjMontra

      Hi Kafele, Sure you may add vocals. just make sure it is your own or a royalty free sample.

  2. the southman

    The southman´s remix have some minor glitches in the beginning of the track…don´t know what happened…maybe in the conversion to mp3….sorry about that!

    • DjMontra

      Feel free to send us a new one. I’ll replace it.

      Thanks Southman

      • the southman

        Done!Thanks DJMontra,hugs from Portugal.

  3. Jahya

    I can´t see my entry here….I uploaded it on soundcloud and dropped it in the contest group…

    • DjMontra

      Hi Jahya, For your entry to be submitted you must send us your download link using the form on this page or using wetransfer.com

  4. So stoked about my entry!
    Thanks for the samples:)

  5. Oops!

    Sorry to trouble you. I accidentally sent the wrong mix. I just uploaded the correct mix today. Can u please replace it for me? Thanks!! Same song, but this is the mastered version that I meant to upload.



    • DjMontra

      Thanks Kafele, First your Remix is Awesome, Second I uploaded your new mastered version and is now replaces.

      Best of Luck Kafele

  6. TranceDoc

    Is there a minimum and/or maximum track length we should be aiming for? I see some tracks are over 3 but under 4 minutes, while others are over 4 and 5 minutes long.

    • DjMontra

      Thanks for your question. I would say not to make a track any longer than 8-9 minutes tops , but there are no minimum times set.

      • TranceDoc

        Terrific, I’m working on something that’s about 7 minutes so I may shorten it to 5.

  7. Ramón Rayo

    Good luck to all, great remixes. :)

    and thank you for listing my remix and for your comments at my Soundcloud page.


  8. Son of Sounds

    Good luck to you as well Ramon Rayo and I agree with you the remixes!

    Good luck to everyone, very nice remixes.


    • Hey Son Of Sounds, do you have a Jazzy Remix? I looked for yours at SoundCloud and Here, don’t see it. I wanted to give some support.!

      • DjMontra

        Hey Ramón you may need to clear your web browser cache if you are not seeing his on this page

        • Ok, now I see his remix in here, but he is not at Soundcloud.

          Thank you DJ Montra.

  9. Hey, is it okay to slice up the audio samples? or should we leave them in tact?

    • DjMontra

      Hey Protonic, Sure you can slice em’ up , If there is any doubt we may ask for the multi-track session to prove your use of the samples.

  10. nakedape

    Hi, great entries here ! Here is my contribution :

    • DjMontra

      Thanks it is now added to our Remix page

  11. David De Sanctis

    Mine isn’t there??

    Did you upload all tracks?

    • DjMontra

      David You may need to clear your browsers cache. Yours is the fourth one down from the top

  12. Hi….any news?

  13. who is or whom are the winner(s)?

  14. Congratulations to all the winner.! :)

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