Acuna Boyz Remix Contest Feat. Marie Louise

This Remix Contest is now closed, We will announce the Winners soon!
Welcome To The Soundtrack Loops Acuna Boyz Dirty Hands Remix Contest Feat. Marie Louise.

This contest is sponsored by Acoustica’s Mixcraft 6, Soundtrack Loops, and Peace Love Productions. Original tempo is 127 BPM Root Note is D#

About the producers:

The Acuna Boyz were Loz Harrison & Jason Harbour who released two tracks with Marie Louise, “Living It Up ” and “Dirty Hands”, After the release of these two tracks Jase was appointed as a director on an American label and Loz was appointed manager of Coco Star (the original voice of the world wide hit Toca’s Miracle) for the re release of Toca’s Miracle 2008 and then as MD of the popular underground label “Acuna Boyz Productions”. They are also the blokes behind Bus Loops.

About the singer:

Marie Louise is a unique, versatile and experienced artist of today. From the early age of 11 she discovered her passion for music by writing her own songs and set her heart on a career in music. At the age of 18, she then went on to win various karaoke contests across the country leading up to her 15 minutes of fame when she featured in ITV’s Pop Idol. Lousie talents saw her reach the final 50 out of the 10,000 wannabee stars who entered the contest. She later audtioned for the hit television show X-Factor but, unfortunately had to withdraw due to illness. She has been working with different producers recording her own songs, with lyrics written by herself in a range of different styles including funky, electro, dance, bassline, speed garage, trance, hard house, and hardcore. With tracks signed to many different labels in all genres of music, this amazing artist goes from strengh to strength. She also has other tracks out on release which are being regularly played out in clubs around the uk and all over the world. Working with some of the finest, talented artists to date, you can see many of her tracks featured on well known compilations. Now signed to 23rd precinct music publishing company where she not only writes for herself but for other mainstream Pop/Chart artists across the globe. With many Live performance bookings coming in, 2013 is set to be a very busy exciting year for this artist , who lives for the music She is without a doubt a unique artist with so much to offer from her many talents. With her passion for music, outstanding performances and lyrics from the heart, we have no doubt that her love for music will reach out to all of you. Tracks signed to – Acuna, Ministry of Sound, All Around The World Records, Hard2Beat, Can you feel it media, Love house music, Divine Intervention, Electrik Euphoria, Riot recordings, Diablotraxx, Uk dance, to name a few.

The Prizes:

Top 5 tracks will get signed to Acuna Digital and will go out initially on Acuna Boyz Productions as an EP and then out onto compilations on a wide variety of labels.

• First place wins Mixcraft 6, a VIP producers vault from Peace Love Productions (access to over 30,000 loops and samples for 1 yr), and goodies from Acuna Digital.

• Second place goodies from Acuna Digital, and a Soundtrack Loops VIP pass for 1yr.

• Third place goodies from Acuna Digital, and a $50 credit with Soundtrack Loops.

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Acuna Digital
Peace Love Productions
Soundtrack Loops

Anyone affiliated with the sponsors, companies, and their relatives involved may not enter. The competition starts July 27th, 2012 and is open to the entire globe. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight US CST on October 20th, 2012. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. Registration is required to participate and to download content. Entrants must provide accurate contact information. A valid remix must contain some or all of the loops and midi files from Acuna Boyz Remix Contest Feat. Marie Louise. Entrants may use the downloadable loops, stems, and samples provided by Acuna Boyz and Soundtrack Loops for this contest only. The use of unauthorized audio and/or music is prohibited by law. Winners will be chosen by Acuna Boyz.

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