Hello producers. We’re eager to assist you in completing your music with these staff picks by Soundtack Loops co-founder Jason Donnelly (aka Dj Puzzle). Jason has music in the Amazon Video remake of Road House and 25 years in the music biz so rest assured his picks are fire. As a token of our support, we’re offering you $10 to be used on any bundle or sample pack of your choice. Simply enter the code “STAFFPICKS” at the checkout after adding your desired items to the cart. However, act fast as this offer expires on June 28th.

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    Top picks for LoFi, Chill Beats, and Easy Listening: Soul Grooves, Chill Hop Essentials, Future Soul Keys, Soul LoFi Vibes, Organic Chill Out, Opium Lounge, and Loop Theory Rejuvenation.

    “I chose Soul Grooves for the variety of live sounds and their jazzy nature. Adonis is a total pro with decades of experience producing music for television and his loops always inspire me. It’s like we are collaborating in a sense and I just want to add more parts to his ideas.” – Jason

    Soul Grooves. Soul Grooves is the follow-up to our popular Soul Vocals and the second Soundtrack Loops set from NYC-based film and TV composer Adonis Tsilimparis (credits include CSI: NY, NCIS, Dementia 13, Blood Bound, reality TV shows, and countless commercial ads…). The Soul Grooves formula is all about combining soft jazz moods and feels with classic, familiar pop structures and sentiments. 101 loops sort into clean electric and acoustic piano parts, steel and nylon string guitar loops (the excellent nylon string loops are a real Soul Grooves highlight), lots of hand-played bass parts with that clean and classic P Bass tone, and assorted synth bits tucked in the midst of all this great organic instrumentation. Six construction kits start at 85 BPM add five BPM per kit up to 110 BPM at 48kHz 24bit Stereo. Following this rising curve, the themes expand carefully and creatively, bringing more shimmer as the tempos rise. Every kit has a relaxed feel that blends vintage mellow soul jazz feels with familiar pop ballad structures and forms; the sonics throughout are basically flat with full dynamics, and rendered on a spacious soundstage. Soul Grooves loops are poised to float over a wide cross-section of your downtempo and pop category beats, and take on additional production moves as they settle into your mixes.

    “I chose Chill Hop loops because I absolutely love the sound of LoFi Hip Hop. There are so many cool loops with distinct production technics baked into each one that allows me to spend less time sound designing when I really just want to dive in and start writing a song. I like to chop these loops up in my sampler and make new melodies and grooves.” – Jason

    Chill Hop Loops, One-shots & MIDI Chill Hop Essentials is a specialized collection of downtempo loops and samples with a distinctly natural and organic flavor. The folder structure is cleanly divided among bass, drum and melodic elements presented in the benchmark 70-100 BPM range. Aside from the synth-generated bass loops, the main emphasis here is placed almost entirely on mildly processed acoustic drum and percussion samples along with acoustic keys and strings, and interestingly, an assortment of mixed loops with a far-eastern flavor that can add a subtle and tasteful shot of exotica to your downtempo vibe. For an ideal example of how music like this can work for you, check out the track ‘Zavtra’ by Ukrainian artist Onuka. This downtempo mini-masterpiece coincidentally features elements that actually reflect the whole ethos of —the downtempo feel, the blend of natural and synthetic sounds, the inclusion of tasteful field recorded music and sound, and smart, light-handed processing and editing that expertly leverages electronic music concepts while never losing sight of the all-important human touch. Over the course of 70 loops, 39 one shots and 31 MIDI files, takes you on a unique musical journey that can lead to interesting places and spaces in the world of modern music.

    “I chose Future Soul Keys for the amazing melodies and chord progressions. Marcus is just an amazingly creative keyboard player and composer. He provided MIDI files with this pack so I can swap out the sounds with my own choice of plug-ins if necessary which is an added bonus.” – Jason

    3) Future Soul Keys Loops & MIDI Future Soul Keys is a piano and synth parts workshop for making future soul, downtempo pop tunes, soft soundtracks, film music, and understated tracks that radiate taste and simplicity. Running down the package, we have 25 kits, each with four or five loops comprising fully developed themes made up of simple parts: acoustic and electric pianos, synths, pads, orchestral instruments including small string sections, and more. Imagine simple soul jazz moments with straight-ahead chord progressions, played with a distinctive touch that nods in the direction of Ryuichi Sakamoto—like we said, it’s about taste. What sets this collection apart is its blend of styles; pop, jazz and classical elements come together seamlessly (sometimes all reflected in a single loop!), which of course makes this one of those titles that’s great for eclectic producers who work in multiple genres. Build music from scratch with the 25 theme packs, and go deep with a full set of included MIDI files for every one. For quick starts, choose from among 25 included mixed files—perfect for segues, transitions, and anywhere a brief moment of placid musical satisfaction is needed. With its 127 loops and 102 MIDI files, Future Soul Keys is yet another toolbox standard from Soundtrack Loops, with crossed genres, fully flexed production options, instant appeal, and superb organization.

    “I chose Soul LoFi Vibes for the expertly crafted melodies. These are almost like song starter kits for those times I need fast instant inspiration and Stewarts prolific style of loop creation give me that fuel I need on those slow days. The guitar loops and beats, I mean everything is just great.” – Jason

    4) Soul LoFi Vibes Loops, One-Shots & Drum Kits. Check out Soul LoFi Vibes, a collection of music production resources based on ten different grooves for making slow jams from the bottom up. There’s something here for everyone! Along with a fine assortment of the usual instrument loops and drum one shots, we’ve got you covered for BeatMaker, Deluge, EG Pulse, Kit Maker, MPC and NanoStudio applications. Sculpt a beat, then reach into folders full of smooth synths, lead and rhythm guitars, electric piano loops, percussion accents—there’s even a SFX folder with sounds that bring vocal, vinyl, field recorded and electronic sound effects to your timeline. Open Soul LoFi Vibes if you’re looking for those classic major 7 / minor 7 changes that are staples of the genre. To see what’s possible and get something started right away, try kicking off a session by tapping into the included folder full of mixed beats. The cool thing here is that you can start at any level you like, from quick and easy music assembly, to deep-dive production moves, on the desktop, tablet, and hardware platforms you know and love. Soul LoFi Vibes —total flexibility, great sonics, a strong grip on the fundamentals, and familiar, time-tested grooves and progressions, all tied up here in 117 loops, 44 one shots, and a wide range of proprietary files designed to make the most of your favorite music creation applications. Produced for Soundtrack Loops by Stewart Hidalgo.

    “I chose Organic Chill Out for it’s organic warm vibes. Angelos is an amazing multi-instrumentalist with a master degree in Studio/Jazz guitar and a Doctor’s degree in musical arts from USC and I know I can rely on his loops for some incredible playing.” – Jason

    5) Organic Chill Out, a set of six construction kits for producing live organic music. We used nothing but the best Vintage gear. Includes Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Arp 2600, Jupiter 8, Acoustic rhythm guitars, electric lead guitars, drums, rain sticks, shakers, and more. There are 267 loops in total weighing in at a whopping 1.47gb. Inspired by groups like Tycho and Thievery Corporation. Recorded in Protools. Performed and produced by Angelo Metz (Flower Power Studio) and Jason Donnelly (Soundtrack Loops).

    “I chose Opium Lounge for the high quality live instrument loops. This pack is just overflowing with inspiration. Quincas is a mensch , a master musician and composer who has written hundreds of songs for the Youtube library so I know I’m into some good stuff here.” – Jason

    6) Opium Lounge Soundtrack Loops is proud to present Opium Lounge by producer Quincas Moreira. This retro rich pack of organic samples will give you that warm 70s psychedelic Funk vibe you’re looking for. There are 39 loops spread across 4 kits and 24 one shot samples. Everything was played in live using the best vintage analog gear. Instruments include xylophone, guitar, electric bass, analog synths, acoustic drums and hand percussion. Recorded in pristine 24 bit 44.1kHz stereo.

    I chose Rejuvenation because Ernst just has this way with melodies. Simple, authentic, and full of emotion. Great for dropping into any track really. So easy to use.” – Jason

    7) Rejuvenation. Loop Theory, our favorite Chillout beats and rhythms producer is back for his fifth sound library called “Rejuvenation” loops and one-shots sample pack. These sounds have feeling and emotion with rhythmic beats, acoustic guitars, mallets and smooth synthesized melodies. “Rejuvenation” is bundled into seven individual constructions kits filled with 24 bit stereo 44.1kHz loops and drum one-shots in separate folders. Each kit allows you to load the sounds into your favorite DAW and remix immediately. Load up the drum one-shot in your drum machine and bang out beats live. Loop Theory’s “Rejuvenation” Chillout loops and one-shots are for every producer, film soundtrack or composer, Let the inspiration flow.


    Soundtrack Loops is the collaboration between two entrepreneurs/producers with over 30 combined years of experience in the royalty free sample industry. Matthew Yost, who founded Soundtrack Loops in 2006, and Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions (2001), have joined forces to bring simplicity and expertise to the world of digital music. Meeting in 1998, the two first came together with audio positions at Sonic Foundry Inc. (now Magix). Both visionaries have since produced, formatted, created, and marketed hundreds of loop packs. Clients include some of the world’s largest loop companies, software DAWs and well known apps. Partners include Audiokit, Native Instruments, 1010 Music, Muse Group, NAMM, Acoustica Mixcraft, PreSonus, Peace Love Productions, and Antares. Over the last decade, Matthew, also know as “Montra,” has released multiple sound libraries, instigated collaborations, and has been the face of Soundtrack Loops in many industry meetings. He is also a cornerstone of Soundtrack Loops’ design, development, marketing, and customer support. Jason and Matthew encompass 360 degrees of what the royalty free loop industry stands for and they continue to change the industry each and every day with their experience and expertise.

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    Chill Hop Essentials

    Future Soul Keys

    Soul LoFi Vibes

    Organic Chill Out

    Opium Lounge

    Loop Theory


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