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    Jason Donnelly With Wide Eyes Road House Soundtrack

    Road House Soundtrack

    Soundtrack Loops is no stranger to the music sync world. Co-founder Jason Donnelly got his first publishing deal back in 2009 when he was chosen to be in the Reverbnation production music library partnership with Hollywood based sync agency APM (Universal/Sony). He was one of 14 producers to be selected and featured at the time. This Since then Donnelly signed with just about every big production music label and has landed hundreds of songs in thousands of placements from film to tv to video games. It is no surprise his song is in the recent Amazon Video MGM remake of Road House. Currently Road House is breaking all kinds of streaming records as the biggest movie launch by Amazon to date with over 50 million views and counting. Donnelly’s song With Wide Eyes features the same sounds and sound design found in many of Donnelly’s chart topping sample packs including EDM Remix Tools for Loop Cartel which later became House House Anthems for Soundtrack Loops. Not only that but just a year ago Apple TV announced Platonic and Donnelly’s Reggaeton loop pack was used to create the song in the trailer for that show!



  • Hard House Anthems


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