Producer Terms

Here is the following guidelines we are wanting from our producers to make the most of each library for across the board use and operating systems.

Producer Libraries Requirements .:

Producers are to have at least 100 usable loops in the same key and BPM/Tempo (with the exception of Percussion and Drums which have no key’s )

Producers loops are to be cut on measure of 1,2,4,8,16, 32. (with the exception of One Shots that can contain beats and might not equal a measure)
Recording and raw .wav file is to be 24 bit for best possible quality

Producers are to create a 2 minute or longer demo of their library with only loops used in creation

Producers are to use the following example in naming of a file .: SL_CinematicSynths_Key_A_100BPM_01.wav ( SL_LibraryTitle_Instrument_Key_BPM_#.wav)

Soundtrack Loops recommends using Sony Vegas to record and edit your recordings into usable loops, but is not required

Soundtrack Loops in turn will provide the following .:

SL will preform (A.L.F.) Advance Loop Formating from the raw .wav file to produce specific targeted Audio / Video programs for PC,MAC and iPhone/iPod Touch
Each format derived from A.L.F. is :. Acidized .WAV , Apple Loop .AIFF , Recycled loops .RX2 and BeatMaker BeatPacks .BMKZ (with the possibility of expanding into new formats)

SL is responsible for uploading, customer service, packaging, managing and releaseing producers library

SL will produce cover art for usable library, To be used in marketing campaigns, e-mail blast, websites and advertisement.

SL will add your library to it’s many content providers for more exposure of your product
SL will include a .url and .txt file with in each library sold that direct the purchaser to and producers website(s) along with Producers bio / info
SL will provide the producer a user and contracted aggrements upon start of (A.L.F.)

Producers will receive royalties from their libraries in form of paypal of 40% sales per usable library provided per month (unless otherwise aggreed upon)

If you are interested please send a formal e-mail to explaining your past & present work