Humble Bundle Double Scoop

*Level UP Remix Purchases Only, Does Not Apply To Music Creators Bundle

Helpful Hints. Steps to use your voucher to obtain Double Scoop

  1. Do Not Add Double Scoop! it’ll add automatically following these steps
  2. Add any single sample pack(s) to your cart. (bundles are not included)
  3. Continue to checkout
  4. Enter your voucher code into the coupon code field
  5. A free gift notification will appear and Double Scoop VST/AU will automatically be included.
  6. Finish checking out by entering your email and payment information and click place order
  7. You will then be redirected to your downloads and serial number
  8. An email will also be mailed to you with downloads and serial number immediately
  9. Thats it!. If you need additional support click here.


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