Free White Noise Wooshes

Free white noise build up generator for Ableton

Producers and DJ’s all over the globe have one thing in common: they all need good whooshes.  Whether you’re in the club or in the studio there is rarely a time when you don’t need a high-quality whoosh effect to raise the energy in a track or make the entire dance floor go insane.  With the Sonic Faction Whoosh Machine you will never need another whoosh creation tool again.

At its core, Whoosh Machine has 10+ high quality analog white noise patches.  The instrument is truly a one-stop whoosh shop featuring 8 filter types and a built FX rack with LFO, Sidechain Pumper, Delay and a massive Reverb.  Simply drag and drop Whoosh Machine onto a track, play a note on your midi keyboard and start tweaking the filters to create huge, soaring risers and powerful, cascading descenders.

For those who just want to party, Sonic Faction took the liberty of creating pre-made whooshes at specific intervals like 2 Bar up, 4 bar down, 8 bar rise, etc.  Simply drag and drop these clips from your Ableton library for instant, perfectly-timed whoosh madness! FREE DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE

Listen to the Woosh Machine in action:

Whoosh Machine Audio Demo 1 by SonicFaction

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