Free Jazzy Chillout NanoStudio TRG -16

Free Nanostudio TRG-16 Drum Kits from our latest release Jazzy Chillout. Load them up with NanoSync and start tapping out a beat on the go with your IOS device. Just add to your cart and checkout. It’s free and you get a download link immediately. You get a total of four trg-16 kits. Why you may ask would we do such a thing? It’s what we do. We want you to be creative, and free is a great way to start. If you love them and support us you’ll buy the full loop library that includes MIDI, Logic EXS files, Battery 3 Kits, Reason Refills, Ableton Live packs, Acid Loops and Apple loop garageband jam packs. Click the add to cart link below.

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