Bus Loops

Bus Loops officially launched in January 2012 to produce professional sound libraries for musicians and producers to integrate into their musical productions. Soundtrack Loops and the producers that work on these products deliver Advanced Formatted Loops of the highest quality to inspire your musical compositions. Bus Loops is respected in the underground Dance scene, they’re forward-thinking and have their thumb on the pulse of modern Dance music and will always ensure that you are kept one step ahead in the ever changing Dance music scene. With Soundtrack Loops and Bus Loops working together you wil find multiple formats such as Ableton, Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Recycle Loops and more that you wont find anywhere else and quality no one can match from our top of the line industry standard sound professionals with 20 years+ combined experience.

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*Bus Loops, *looptastic pro, *.Ogg , *Acid Loops, *Apple Loops * Recycle Loops

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