Blip Sound Design Tool And Drum Machine

Sound Design Tool And Drum Machine

Here’s a little gem we stumbled upon recently. Great for sound design, glitch, and crazy beats. How does it work ?

Blip continuously scans a grid of 64×64 cells. Each cell corresponds to a note, whose starting time is determined by its column, and whose instrument is determined by its row. The color of the cell controls the volume of the note (red component), its pan (green component), and its pitch (blue component).

Painting in the grid can be done in real-time while the loop is playing, which coupled with MIDI support and numerous shortcuts, transforms Blip into a very powerful live instrument. There are 16 patterns, each of them having its own tempo.

Blip can be used in many different ways. Here are a few of them:

with a lot of short percussive sounds to create glitchy patterns
with a slow tempo and long samples with fading envelopes to create complex ambiences
with simple tones and only a few painted cells to create wave sequences
with sine waves for additive / granular synthesis etc…

Download it for free here DOWNLOAD BLIP

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