Anthony Bourdain God Knows. Featuring Music composed by DJ Puzzle.

Jason Donnelly

Producer / Musician / Composer

Soundtrack Loops is heavily involved in composing music for broadcast. We aren’t just business men and entrepreneurs with a background in marketing, we are deeply active in major media production with music in shows Anthony Bourdain, Portlandia, The Krull Show, Birthday Boys, The Wahlburgers, Shark Week, Wicked Tuna, Despicable Me 2, and many more. Todays feature is co-owner Jason Donnelly (Dj Puzzle) sounds that are made into loops for purchase are then used to create songs that the TV / Film industry uses. Here is his song “God Knows” used in the CNN network TV show “Parts Unknown” with famous chef and food critic and international explorer Anthony Bourdain.

Scoring Reel from DJ Puzzle

We here at Soundtrack Loops are known for our level of professionalism in the music industry. We are successful music composers with the sync sheets to prove it and we want to share our sounds with you. Many of us are composers for Radio, TV, Film, and Video Games. Our sounds are heard on many of the the world’s largest networks including BBC, NBC, A&E, HBO, MTV, VH1, IFC, Discovery Channel, and in video games.

Support our producer Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle) by purchasing his sound libraries below..

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