How To Change BPM & Key In Soundtrack Pro 3.

Producers keep mentioning that they are having a hard time adjusting to the new interface of Soundtrack Pro 3 by Apple.
It used to be so easy to change the Tempo (BPM) and the Key. There was a nice dock interface very similar to Garageband that clearly showed your Key signatures and what Tempo your project was. If you wanted to change it, you would just click on them to adjust.
With the latest release of Soundtrack Pro 3 there are two ways of adjusting your Tempo and Key signatures.
One of the ways is to go into the preference panel under ‘ File ‘ in the top menu links and adjust your project. ( This would make your settings a default every time you wanted to start a new project, it would always be in the same Key and same Tempo). No good (at least not for us).
We at like to hear what our loops sound like in all the different Keys after Acidized and Apple Looping them to assure the best quality and to make sure you, the end user, are receiving properly formatted loop files from us. We also like the ability to adjust our Key and Tempo when creating a demo, song, or soundtrack to a iMovie or YouTube video, and also hear the results instantaneously.
So we set out to make a tutorial as easy and a painless as possible with images so you can understand quickly and get to making your next score at what ever Tempo and Key you want it to be at. Read the contents below to find out how you can do this on your own
Step one – Open Soundtrack Pro 3.
soundtrack pro main screen

Step two – Locate your Window drop down in your tool bar at the very top.
soundtrack pro window drop down menu

Step three – Scroll down to your Tabs menu.
soundtrack pro windows menu & tab bar

Step four – Move your cursor to the right so the Tabs menu opens up and you see Project Properties, highlight and click to enable.
soundtrack pro windows, Tab and Project properties window

Step five – Your Project Properties should now be in plain sight.
soundtrack pro Project Properties, Key and Tempo

Step six – Now that you can see your project properties. You will first see your projects title, description, artist, copyright, genre and other information which you can edit. Now use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom to find your current projects Tempo and Key signature it is in. ( I found default was the Key signature of G and Tempo at 120)
soundtrack pro projects menu

Step seven – Now adjust your Tempo to what ever BMP (beats per minute) you would like.
soundtrack pro project menu BPM and tempo adjustment

Step eight – You will now want to highlight your Key signature to adjust what Key you will want you song to sound like. ( a menu should show once clicked)
soundtrack pro project menu Key adjustment

Step nine – One thing we like is the ability to put your projects menu where it is easily accessible. All you need to do is grab the Project Tab and drag to any of your viewing layout panes.
soundtrack pro projects pane dragged and dropped to any position in your layout

We like ours by our loop browser (as shown below)
soundtrack pro loop browser

There you have it. Easy as a bass beat pie.. feel free to comment or share any of your tutorials and or tips

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